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How To Clean Wooden Furniture?

The concept of wooden furniture means furniture made from natural wood. Furniture has become the most important accessories of our developed homes and living spaces in accordance with our needs. The use of furniture has become a daily need in addition to accessories today. It is very important that the furniture is durable and high quality. Wood materials are materials that add warmth to their location due to their structure. Cleaning of wooden furniture, which is easy to use, is just as important. Cleaning should be in a way that does not damage the natural structure of wooden furniture. Otherwise, the natural structure of wooden furniture may be damaged and deteriorated.

A routine cleaning should be done to protect the surfaces of wooden furniture. Dust can lead to a decrease in the life of wooden furniture after a certain time. At the same time, Wood, which is the structure of furniture materials, can be greatly damaged in the face of moisture and humidity. It can also fade and inflate the natural structure and colors of wooden furniture in the sun.

Because excessive heat can lead to cracking in wooden furniture, it may be necessary to take care not to place such furniture next to heat sources such as heaters. In addition, other areas where wooden furniture will be affected after dust are woodworms. There are special furniture finishes for this style. These polishes are available from furniture manufacturers or authorized organizations.

In order to remove the dirt on wooden furniture, the dust of the furniture must be removed regularly. For the removal of soft spots, the sponge should be gently rubbed into the spots by mixing the washing sponge and soap. Furniture should be cleaned with the help of damp cloths that are not wet. Wiping the furniture with a wet cloth can damage the essence of the furniture, so the damp cloth will be much healthier.

The cloth to be used for cleaning must be smooth, moist and silky. Because wooden furniture is more sensitive than other types of furniture, its cleaning should also be sensitive. Intensive chemical products should not be preferred when cleaning.

In intensive chemical products, it can damage the structure of the wood and cause causes such as swelling or deterioration of its naturalness. Powders of solid furniture can be taken daily with the help of a slightly damp cloth in water mixed with lemon or vinegar.

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