koltuk temizliginde dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

Seat Cleaning Considerations

* Avoid cleaning by pressing and constantly rubbing both in general cleaning and in cleaning applied due to stain. Otherwise, there may be wear and discoloration on the surface of the fabric.

* Read the fabric label carefully before starting general seat cleaning. Apply a cleaning according to the property of the fabric.
* Make sure that the detergent you will use does not have a bleach property. Before using the detergent, make sure that it is dissolved.

* Do not start wiping without sweeping with a vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, it will cause dust and debris to be processed into it or even spread over a larger area.

* Avoid placing items such as newspapers or dark sheets and blankets on fabric-covered furniture that you are not sure will dry during or after cleaning. Otherwise, ink may flow or colors may be smeared.

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Takipte Kal!

Takipte Kal!

Takipte Kal!