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What Do You Clean Leather Seats With?

Car seats, furniture or leather seats should not be cleaned by random cleaning methods as of their structure. Otherwise, the bright and vibrant appearance of the skin may deteriorate. The skin can crack. You can apply your leather seats to special compositions sold on the market, as well as clean and polish your leather seats with homemade solutions.

Cleaning leather seats with vinegar solution

Vinegar water is the most well-known method for cleaning leather seats. For a vinegar solution, take a spray bottle and fill half with white vinegar. Add warm water to the rest.. Spray the prepared solution over the leather seats, but leave a distance of about 20-25 cm. Gently rub the solution using a good microfiber cloth. Next, spray warm water to rinse. Wipe until dry.

Leather sofa cleaning with moisturizing soap

Apart from vinegar solution, you can clean your leather seats with a moisturizing soap and water. So how to clean leather seats with moisturizing soap?

First, foam the soapy water, and then wipe, preferably using a microfiber cloth. Before using the entire seat, test the cleaning solution at an invisible point.

Leather seat cleaning with glycerin water

Another method for cleaning leather seats is glycerin water. Drain the glycerin, which you can find in pharmacies, into some water and rub with a microfiber cloth. After the procedure, go over it again with a dry cloth and dry it.

Cleaning leather sofa with Arab soap water mixture

For application, put some water in a small bucket and add Arab soap on it. After that, clean the surface of the leather seats with a soft cloth and dry them with a dry cloth. After finishing these procedures, your application of leather cleaning products will be a factor that will extend the life of the seats.

Cleaning leather seats with orange or lemon peel

Orange and lemon shells, which are indispensable for your health, also work in cleaning. Orange or lemon peel not only cleanses the skin, but also gives it shine. Rub the shells well over the leather seat and rub until they shine. Don”t worry about the spots that the shells will make. Use a damp cloth for this.

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